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last updated: Sep 16 2014 4:03 AM

Walker wants more from Wisconsin assistance recipients
Governor Scott Walker wants more, from recipients of unemployment assistance and food stamps. In a second term, Walker would require drug testing for those requesting unemployment assistance. At a stop in Wausau on Monday, Walker said that’s what employers want. “They tell us they have basic, entry level jobs, where they’d be happy to hire […]

Microsoft hopes to build on Minecraft success
Ask any school-aged boy about Minecraft, and chances are they will rattle off a long list of experiences with the game. Since its debut in 2009, more than 50 million copies of the video game have been sold. It remains wildly popular on computers and consoles, while also generating merchandise, YouTube videos, and fan communities […]

Wisconsin DMV service centers ready to fill photo ID requests
It remains unclear how many Wisconsin residents still need a photo ID to vote in the November elections, following a federal court order last week that clears the way for Wisconsin’s voter identification law to be in effect for the November 4th election. The law, which had been on hold for nearly three years, requires […]

Gay marriages in Wisconsin on hold
Wisconsin’s ban on gay marriages remains in effect — at least for now. The U.S. Supreme Court is considering taking up the issue. In the meantime, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago has decided to put its recent ruling on gay marriage on hold. The appellate panel ruled almost two weeks ago that the […]

Central Wisconsin hunters being urged to test deer for CWD
Deer hunters are being asked to save deer heads or to use partnering taxidermists so they can test animals for Chronic Wasting Disease. This is especially true in certain central Wisconsin areas like Portage, Adams, and Juneau counties where Department of Natural Resources officials are trying to determine if the disease is spreading or has […]